About Nepal


A Landlocked sovereign kingdom basseted by the China to the North and by the India on its other borders with the north latitudes - 26 22to 30 27 and east longitude 80 4 to 88 12. The length of the kingdom is 885 km. east - west, and it berth varies from 145 to 241 km. north - south. 

Nepal offers an astonishing topographical variation with the attitude ranging from 70 meters. The country can be divided into three main geographical regions: 
(a) Himalayan region
(b) Mountain / Mid Hill Valleys Region
(c) Terai Region 

There are four seasons in Nepal:
1. Winter: December- February (-1 to30C)
2. Spring: March-May (24 to 32ºC)
3. Summer: June - August (Monson)
4. Autumn: September- November (10 to 18ºC) Nepal can be visited throughout the year although activities like safari Excursions, Rafting, Trekking and Mountain flight are best from October to May. 

Nepal is 5 hrs 45 Mts. Ahead of Greenwich Mean Time and 15 Mrs. from Indian Standard Time. 

The Major religion of Nepal are Hinduism (90%), Buddhism (6%), Islam (3%) and rest (1%) e.g. Catholics and others. But there is a harmony among the religions. 

Nepal has almost 22 million people composed of a variety of race and tribes, speaking different language and dialects. 

Nepali is the official language and English is understood and spoken by majority of people in Kathmandu valley and other major cities. 

Saturday is the weekly holiday, while museums remain closed on Tuesday and Govt. Holidays. 

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Namaste! Greetings fromNepal ! When, Nepal first opened its snow peaks to the mountain climbers during 1950’s, touring and trekking in Nepal was just a dream of those few alpinists seeking to climb the high mountains. Nearly after 6 decades now, this country has grown and become the total leisure and adventure tour destination for all the enthusiastic travelers & holiday makers from all over the world as it has successfully adopted the global trend of tourism culture in real.